El Columpio Asesino

El Columpio Asesino returns after five years of relative silence. Emerged in the late 1990s in Pamplona, they are one of the most important and influential bands of national alternative pop scene. Many are the styles that burn in their caldron. Electronics acquires more and more prominence over bases that range from less orthodox kraut to more elegant and dreamy pop.

El Columpio Asesino returns to the stage with an unexpected turn of sound: the band shows its most pop face, without losing its essence between the beautiful and the sinister. The golden safety pin returns to dazzle us with more powerful and luminous sounds than ever in their new brand album “Ataque Celeste”. A good example of it are the two spectacular singles they previously released: “Huir” y “Preparada”, where Cristina takes center stage by an amalgam of 80s but futuristic sounds oriented to the dance floor with the intact compositional skill and more spending if possible. That announces a bombshell is coming with their new work and that also means that it will be surely one of the best live performances of 2020.

What else are we going to say about El Columpio Asesino? A fetish group of Tomavistas, a festival that they have already visited twice (2014 and 2018) and that in 2021 celebrates again a union that goes far beyond the professional relationship. Heart and pulsating veins common for many, many years. We are really expecting their performance at Tomavistas 2021 presenting exclusively in Madrid their new album. So, this is everything we can say: an epic moment epic is coming to Tierno Galván park.