Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex (El Paso, Texas, 2008) are an anomaly. They are an invention of Greg González that has been analyzing his particular vision of the most intimate personal relationships (physically and spiritually) with a very disturbing, exciting and beautiful musical concept in equal parts. No artifice. Marking the cadence of the rhythms to the minimum expression, making everything explode around him with measured percussions, guitars, keyboards, and basses in perfect harmony without fills and without frills. Everything is at the mercy and accompanying an addictive voice which conquers your heart and influence without remedy, whispering delicate and descriptive lyrics that are generating a whole legion of fans. In his music we barely can find any referent to talk about them. Maybe the only appropriate reference to talk about is Mazzy Star, but we would not do justice to either one or the other.
Their record background: an Ep titled ‘I.’ where was ‘Nothing gonna hurt you baby’ – with which they appeared in grand style in key episodes of TV series so applauded as Handmaid’s Tale or The Sinner – and a few singles later as a trail of jewels. Some of them were collected in their self-titled debut album that they published in 2017 and that earned them the general recognition of specialized media as one of the best rated albums of that year.

In 2018 they published ‘Crush’, a new single with two songs that will be the prelude to a new album that will be released at the beginning of 2019 and which they will present at Tomavistas on an exclusive date in our country.



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