Chloral are a Madrid quartet composed of Rodri (vocals and guitar), Juan (guitar), Roberto (drums) and Álvaro (bass). They have barely released three tracks in their short career and have done a few concerts in Madrid. Their EP “Bellavista” published in January 2020 contains those three songs entitled “Supernova”, “Drama” and “Chocolate” and that has already delighted the main Radio 3 programs.

Once you enter their universe, the shoegaze influence of Ride or Pale Saints are recognized in their songs. It is possible also to see the dream pop and the emo as inspiring sources. If we join that references with their lyrics in Spanish, we can confirm that they are offering an interesting prism that will have to be followed closely to see how far it takes them. Everything they express among mowed whispers with sharp riffs bathed in reverb suppurates teenage melancholy. Their music retains that halo of hope and introspection of their mentors and they have convinced us that their project fits perfectly in Tomavistas. In their music everything is about to explode. Everything is about to be built, but the basis is enough to help them run.


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