Chaqueta de Chándal

Chaqueta de Chándal have appeared from Barcelona with an overpowering force with an album titled “Gimnasia Menor”. Their unclassifiable mixture of styles and acidic lyrics have found the approval of the whole press of our country that has surrendered in an overwhelming way to their sound impact, describing them as the revelation group of 2019 and that is a big deal taking into account the huge harvest of new music proposals that 2019 has brought to us.

In their press release they told:

“Many things are said about Chaqueta de Chándal. To give some examples: it is said that for their age they still have enough punch. It is also said that their music is an orthopedic cross between Neu!, La Polla Records and Los Brincos, and that it is ideal to listen to while doing spinning or while cutting onions. It is also commented that although their lyrics have a trace of a pretentious and mad teenager, they honestly express their idiosyncrasies, and that in the end they are good people ”

Brutal humor, shamelessness, thrilling sounds, psychedelia and punk that have already turned into sold out shows both in Barcelona and Madrid in the blink of an eye. From there straight to Tomavistas on their own merits. It’s gonna be epic.