Cass McCombs

Cass McCombs (Concord, California) has always mentioned, especially at the beginning of his career, his attachment for nomadic existence, for not stopping: from one city to another, living in cars or at campsites, changing this bed for that sofa. In view of this, it is not surprising that after releasing his first album, “A” (2003), he spent two years on tour playing everywhere: both on his own, from concerts in flats to the festival All Tomorrow’s Parties, as opening for others like Blonde Redhead. He had the privilege of having previously toured with Palace and then added the one of sharing tour with Modest Mouse when he released his second album, “PREfection”, in 2005. It was in that moment when he began to appear in the lists of “The Best of the Year” and “Artists to Watch”, a circumstance that as time passed was becoming frequent, coming to be classified as one of the best contemporary American composers.

His indie rock with lo-fi roots reached its zenith in 2011 when he released the forth and fifth album of his career, “Wit’s End” and “Humor Risk”, as it became the lucky charm of the current alternative scene. Both unveiled, with greater mettle than ever and striking a chord even harder, his enigmatic aura of Dylanian vagabond, less obtuse than before since he decided to faced the despair and loneliness. It could be said they are complementary, being ”Wit’s End” more baroque and “Humor Risk” more relaxed. This same path, that of the mettle that knows how to deepen, that of beating stronger and bleed more, but without making look that way, was which he explored along the twenty-two songs of the double album “Big Wheel And Others” (2013). His successor, “Mangy Love” (2016), with collaborators such as Angel Olsen and Blake Mills, took him through experimental soul and twisted psychedelia, resulting in a rock with high graduation in purity and becoming his work that better fit with the features of his live performances.

On February 8th, he releases a new LP, “Tip Of The Sphere”, under the label Anti. At the moment, Cass has released two wonderful tracks from this work, “Sleeping Volcanoes” and “Star”, that suggest it will become an important album in 2019 evoking similar landscapes to those who draw the songs of groups like The War On Drugs.

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