Carolina Durante

Are they the children of Los Nikis or Los Planetas? Are they the voice of a generation or just a momentary smash hit? Are they actually posh or against posh people? Carolina Durante haven’t already answered these questions and many others because they are newcomers. They are doing very well very quickly and this is generating all kind of external comments about quite crazy connections with some of their contemporaries or referents. Their concerts are immediately sold out, their anthem “Cayetano” is about to reach the first one million streamings on Spotify. Every step they take are gone over with a fine-toothed comb and are celebrating at the same time by a huge fandom formed in a short period of time and even when they have not published their first album yet (they will do earlier next year). This places us, without doubt, before one of the phenomena of 2018.
We are really conquered by their nerve, their fine irony, their refined and addictive songs like “En Verano”, “Niña de Hielo”, “El Himno Titular” or “300 golpes”, which has made them fly very high with some anchors with groups such as Los Punsetes, but which link them easier with 80s referents like Décima Víctima o Parálisis Permanente.

Everything will be unveiled at Tomavistas in the official presentation of their expected debut album.


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