Paola Rivero plays the guitar, Alicia Ros the bass and sings, and María Talaverano plays the keyboards and sings. The three of them, with a rhythm box, bright lyrics, the help of their friend Martín Spangle, and some magic, recorded their first two songs, “Canción Pop de Amor” and “Momento Inadecuado”, in March 2018 at Casa Cati. And so pop madness began and its immediate landing on Elefant Records occurred.

Step by step, they have been releasing amazing songs that have created an atmosphere around them translated as ‘the phenomenon of the moment in Madrid’, hanging the poster of sold out in any concert they do. They dared to do an addictive cover of “Llorando en la Limo” by C. Tangana and boom! 100,000 streams on Spotify in a couple of weeks.

Cariño have that certain and inexplicable essence that conquer your heart like La Casa Azul, Family or Aventuras de Kirl achieved on their first stage. However, they do it with a concept and a message slightly more rogue and ironic, adapted to the socio-cultural changes of the new era. There is no one to stop them and they have just released their first mini-LP, “Movidas” with songs like “Bixexual” or “Mierda Seca” that will have all the repercussion that a project like this one needs, from which new hits are expected to be released in pills over the next few months and that will bring them to Tomavistas at its sweetest moment.
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