They appeared in 2017 with their debut album “Embajadores” and immediately everything began to move noisily around them. They could be described as heirs of the rhythm, the fine and costumbrist irony, and the wise social criticism of Murcian band Perro. Camellos also added that  nature and teaser side of the streets of Madrid to begin to become one of the punk-pop references of our city with hits like “Gilipollas”, “Becaria” o “Ejecutivo Estresado”.

In 2018 they published an EP titled “Arroz con Cosas” that continues with the revelry and with the successes like those songs full of phlegm -‘Café para muy cafeteros’- that bring them closer to bands like Cala Vento and that makes us think again in a very promising career that will be shaping up during 2019 and that will have in Tomavistas that moment of celebration and recognition that we hope to enjoy very intensely.

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