Cala Vento

Cala Vento are a rara avis within our music scene. It is not only because they are a guitar, drums and vocal duo, which sometimes sounds like a furious five-piece band and other times like an intimate songwriter who plays at the street, but also because of their honesty, simplicity and specially their connection to a world that seems to be about to disappear.

Joan and Aleix are two friends from L’Empordà that got together in 2015 with the intention of following the path of Japandroids. However, the results were songs closer to the most nervous Los Planetas and the universe of Nueva Vulcano. Their lyrics are straightforward, unpretentious, genuine and within this thin line between the individualism and the collectiveness.During these four years, always with the help of Eric Fuentes and Santi Garcia at the studio, they have released two albums: ‘Cala Vento’ (BCore Disc, 2016) and ‘Fruto Panorama’ (BCore Disc, 2017). The third one, ‘Balanceo’ (Montgrí, 2019) is due to be published. Their music has taken them from their rehearsal studio to the world. They have played until they have had callus on their hands. They have played on more than 200 stages across Spain, USA and Mexico. In some occasions they have played for just a few people and other for thousands of them. On their performances it is shown the connection between them, which is something difficult to describe, that ends up exploding like a real catarsis.

When playing they have an energy that it is passed on to any member of the audience without exception, who sings their songs as if their lives depend on it . 2019 is their year and they have chosen Tomavistas to present their new album.

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