Behind the alias of Bronquio it lies young punk musician from Jerez Santiago Gonzalo, who began his career at the head of the unclassifiable Gipsy Aliens or the disappeared Yegua, a cursed band from the hardcore Andalusian scene where Santi was in charge of giving free rein to his post millennial anger playing the drums. His work as a producer ended up pushing him towards the world of laptops and sound cards, although he kept always a dissident attitude. Rhythm activist, his last incarnation as Bronquio seems in the trap scene what The Prodigy has been in the world of drum ’n’ bass: a 180 degree turn. The Bronquio experience is pure forcefulness, a tide of beats and textures that gets close to the clubbing culture going into the darkest side of the dance floor.

In 2018 Bronquio started with the release of his first video and digital single Galgo, a synth-punk whiplash where Santi had the vocal collaboration of Pablo Peña (Pony Bravo). The result is a kind of sonorous earthquake that helps Bronquio to put his finger on the wound of the Andalusian middle class more affluent, superb and full of stereotypes. Without mincing his words and clenching fists and teeth. Galgo has been followed during the following months a barrage of successive digital singles that have completed the particular proposal of this enfant terrible of urban music: Niño (a tribute to Lole y Manuel or Tu Portal (in which he has had the collaboration of the new kings of the psychedelic-underground cumbia Esteban & Manuel) But that is not all, since Bronquio has announced several new singles that will be presented throughout 2019.

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