Boy Pablo

A very special thing happened to us with Boy Pablo (a band led by Norwegian and Chilean musician Nicolás Pablo Muñoz). In the summer of 2017, in the wake of booking Beach Fossils (who we really wanted to have with us at Tomavistas 2018), we traveled to Oslo to see them play and we could not do anything but getting enchanted seeing their guests Boy Pablo opening that night. The truth is that the surprise was tremendous. How could it be possible that some kids in tracksuits that looked like they were 15 years old (actually that was nearly their age) could make such incredible music. A carefree pop  like Orange Juice, The Lightning Seeds, The Field Mice, the Sarah Records catalog or the burst of the C-86 movement, but with that wonderful Scandinavian compositional skill where you also noticed that there was much more behind and that they were related with bands of the moment like Mac DeMarco and the aforementioned Beach Fossils. It is one of those moments when you face one of those bands that are called to do great things and that you will not forget.

In the end we didn’t book Beach Fossils (same as many others, and not because we don’t want to), but we promised to schedule Boy Pablo one day. Suddenly, a year later everyone talked about them. Primavera Sound brought them to Madrid (where they triumphed at Teatro Barceló) during Primavera Club and later at their festival. The band had gotten, for example, 46 million streams on Spotify or 25 million views on YouTube in the video of their track Everytime. And all this mess with just a few singles (the most recent ones oriented to electronics and the dance floor) and only two Eps. What will happen when they publish their first album? Maybe there is a nuclear explosion. It could be. We don’t know, but we will have them with us at Tomavistas presenting exclusively in Madrid that album that will be released in early 2020. We close the circle and open another. This is how our life works.


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