Blanco Palamera

BLANCO PALAMERA are Manuel Blanco and Xoán Domínguez, two 21-years-old boys. They debuted in 2019 with their acclaimed first album “Promesas”, which was chosen as the 10th best national album according to MondoSonoro magazine.They have valued the inevitable freshness and self-confidence present in the official debut of this duo, but also their maturity, sincerity and honesty in a proposal that invents new sound margins to lead the sound of a generation in need of projects such as the one of these two compostelanos living in Madrid.

“Promesas” moves among the most restless side of contemporary pop: the one that moves unprejudicedly through its connections with R&B, jazz, hip-hop, bossa nova, funk, electronics, rock or indietronics. Allowing us to think of invisible subgenres and impossible contractions such as Pop&b, trip-pop or chill pop, but also opening a field of understanding broad and unpredictable enough to understand that with BLANCO PALAMERA something has been born that we had not known until now.

Details that have even led to the aesthetic conception of the project with the collaboration of designer and graphic artist Kika Ramil. A kind of “third aesthetic member” of BLANCO PALAMERA and that has been responsible for giving aesthetic-conceptual packaging to the project, not only through the designs of the album cover, the singles and the promotional photographs of the band, but, above all, to ensure that music and artistic-graphic direction match perfectly.

Their live shows have marked their current status as an outstanding band that are very suggestive on stage. They will demonstrate it at Tomavistas with their only show in Madrid in the first half of 2020.


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