Bigott releases a record a year and that is not usual. No other artist in the Spanish music scene keeps that workflow. If we also stop to appreciate the quality and originality of each of his works, we can only catalog as exceptional the creative activity of this artist, who has been creating nonstop for more than a decade. Bigott is a musical guerrilla that never stops and always looks forward. Ten albums contemplate him and his collection of hits is increasingly unattainable.

Bigott has been wanting to be in Tomavistas for a long time and Tomavistas has been also  waiting to find a place to bring him, so we don’t wait any longer. In addition, the artist comes with “This is All Wrong”, his eleventh album that is about to be published and about which his agency says: “It has the personality of a playlist that you can’t stop listening to. Within Bigott’s multidimensional pop universe, everything is possible, and this is demonstrated once again with this delivery of 12 songs deliciously produced by the Californian Izak Arida (The Memories). Fresh energy without tame in an album full of great songs. Bigott in his purest form. The production is impeccable and skillfully synthesizes the pop energy that leads the entire scene of the album with the natural habitat of each track, so that all the album’s environments flourish without restrictions within an ecosystem that works perfectly. We are facing one of the best records of Bigott”.

In a new musical connection with LA, the album production is made by Izak Arida (The Memories), who Biggot have worked previously with in Candy Valley (his ninth album), recorded in LA in 2018.

It will be a delicious pop feast we have been waiting to taste for a long time now.


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