Beach House

The duo from Baltimore consists of Victoria LeGrand and Alex Scally was formed 13 years ago with the idea of going beyond the emotions with their music, and create transitory states of evanescence, travel, and dreaminess. They chose the difficult path in a world more surrendered to the immediate and to the fast consumption. A world without time to stop to admire the beauty. Their music is in keeping in what many people like to call dream pop. However, it does not only drinks from different references such as My Bloody Valentine o Cocteau Twins, but also from the new age, the psychedelia, and even from the noise pop. It is all that and nothing at the same time. At the present time, Beach House have their own sound and after seven albums we cannot think a better way to present this inspiring band which performs one of the most magical audiovisual experiences we can see onstage nowadays.
Beach House will present ‘7’ at Tomavistas, their last album which will surely be in every “Best Albums of 2018” rankings. Besides, they will also play their most acclaimed songs in a very special set. They will do in exclusive concert in Spain in 2019, since they have chosen our festival as one the few festivals in Europe to begin saying goodbye to this album.

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