Axolotes Mexicanos

Axolotes Mexicanos were formed in Asturias in 2012 (now they live in Madrid) by Olaya, her brother Juan, Mario (the latter two later formed Carolina Durante), Lucas and Carlos. From their first demos they called the attention of Elefant Records that without hesitation they fell in love with their impudence and melodic ability, and as they themselves point out because “they are a living symbol of the insulting and impertinent rebellion that lives attached to the most irreverent youth. They go from the upset punk to the most playful electronic pop with energy and a strong firmness”. So with that conviction, the label has been publishing all the steps that the band has taken with an Ep, several singles, a Mini-Lp titled “Holi<3” and the acclaimed first album titled “Salu2”.

Once Carolina Durante came into the world and Juan and Mario started getting busier with the project with greatest meteoric rise in the shortest time that is remembered in the history of independent music in our country, Axolotes Mexicanos were on a pause, although they have continued playing live with the same punch and audience success. Now the wait is over. A few moths ago they released “Uwu”, an EP with new material that announces their forthcoming album that they will publish in the coming months. A new material that takes them back to the current musical panorama. This will take them to present their new songs in Tomavistas with all the members of the band and that overflowing energy that they have always treasured.

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