Anna Calvi

London arty rocker Anna Calvi, with just one single out, “Jezebel” (song popularized in the 50s by Édith Piaf), already received the praise of Brian Eno. He said about her in an interview that she was “the biggest thing since Patti Smith.” Big words. Moreover, she was touring with Grinderman. Shortly thereafter, she was signed by Domino, the record label that published her debut album, whose internal convulsion with a shamanic intensity, seduced the BBC so much that they placed her as one of the references of 2011. She was so welcomed that the comparisons – “the new PJ Harvey” was the generalized alias that began to spread like wildfire – started to flourish everywhere.

In October 2013 she was back with her second album, “One Breath”, even more personal than its predecessor. With it she reached 32nd position in the United Kingdom charts and 30th in the United States (right there, on the list of emerging talents). A reflective and vulnerable work, halfway between optimism and despair, beauty and its absence, which maintains the fierceness of its LP debut, but with greater urgency and a wider spectrum of textures and emotions. Since then, she has published two EPs: “Strange Weather” (July 2014) and “Live For Burberry” (February 2017), and in August 2018 her third LP, “Hunter”, produced by Nick Launay (Nick Cave). “Hunter” gives off a new rawness in her music, a primal energy in which Calvi pushes the limits of her guitar and her voice beyond what she has recorded so far. It manifests as a kind of catharsis. An opportunity for her author to be more sincere than ever. A visceral work that explores sexuality and the breaking of gender norms and conventions and for which she was nominated for the Mercury Prize in 2019.

Recently she has been in charge of performing the original soundtrack of the fifth season of “Peaky Blinders”, which premiered on Netflix in October 2019. In addition, in March she published a reinterpretation of some of Hunter’s songs titled “Hanted” where she collaborates with artists like Courtney Barnett, Joe Talbot from Idles, Charlotte Gainsbourg or Julia Holter.

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