We met Amaia in Operación Triunfo as almost everyone, but as music lovers from an independent prism we saw in Amaia something different. An infiltrator in a reality that is not our thing, but in that edition together with Guille Milkyway from La Casa Azul, who was a teacher, made us feel quite curious about what was happening there. Amaia, in her spare time, sang covers of El Mató a Un Policía Motorizado on the piano and left us speechless because we are huge fans of the Argentine group (indeed, they have already played in our festival), but above all because of the naturalness with which showed her musical passions, quite cultivated for someone so young. She was only 18 when she was in OT.

Amaia finally won that contest. It is said that she left everyone astonished with her personality, versatility and her voice and since then many things have happened to her. She signed with the label Segell del Primavera, who hoped that they could accompany her in that confrontation with a world of multinationals in which everything is very distorted and in which Amaia did not want to get into alone. They gave her time to prepare her debut album and invited her by surprise to play two consecutive editions at Primavera Sound. Finally, in 2019 she published her album and again showed that what she has with music is something very personal.

Amaia is a declared fan of Donosti Sound (the versions of La Buena Vida that she does in her concerts are a sample), Cecilia and even a fan of Los Fresones Rebeldes. She has let herself be surrounded by very talented artists such as Núria Graham (who now plays guitar with her in the tour) and has shared the production of “Pero No Pasa Nada”, her debut album, with Santiago Motorizado Barrionuevo (singer of Él Mató A  Un Policía Motorizado ). So far so good. Afterwards, the songs, especially “Quedará En Nuestra Mente”, “El Relámpago” or “Nuevo Verano” have closed the circle and put her cards on the table. Amaia has a tour, good songs and keeps her independence intact. Thanks to that and because we saw how she deservedly succeed last January in her two sold outs shows at Circo Price in Madrid, Tomavistas did not want to stop supporting an artist with values so similar to those we have always defended: honesty, independence and courage.


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