Airbag was formed in Estepona (Málaga) 22 years ago. Their career has been one of those that usually draw attention because of the normality with which it has been developed. The classic dream of many bands of our country: to grow step by step, relying on the compositional skills, publishing solid records (up to seven nothing more and nothing less), gaining followers, generating passions, and increasingly conquering bigger venues. A long-distance race marked by power-pop taken to its maximum value.

In 2019 they released “Cementerio Indie”, a title that gives rise to many interpretations (somewhat less if you pay attention to the lyrics), published by the label Sonido Muchacho. An album that could be seen as a climax of a career with which they have earned the respect of the entire industry and demonstrating that they still have a reel to continue releasing new songs (some about to be published) and bringing together several generations among their followers, because the effect of their music never happens to be a classic at all. It reinvents itself and gives shelter to parents and children in a way as natural as amazing.

They were already in Tomavistas in 2017. Their concert was one of the most played that year so we do not expect less in 2020.


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