Full lineup


24, 25 May, 2024

Standstill concert

Standstill are back on stage after their breakup in 2015. It is one of most relevant news of the year and they will be at Tomavistas as one of the few festivals chosen by the band to meet their audience again. Tomavistas will be the first show of all those they will play in 2024.

Standstill are back after their breakup in a reunion with their fans in the stages that they wanted to do it. In our case, they have chosen Tomavistas as the first date of this special tour. They will be their first live shows since those captured on the CD-DVD “Estaría muy bien” (2016), held on October 1st and 3rd, 2015 in Apolo (Barcelona). That was the last time we could see Enric Montefusco, Ricky Falkner, Piti Elvira and Ricky Lavado together on stage after a nineteen-year career, seven studio albums and more than 500 concerts.

We could say that the seed that Standstill left was later picked up by a multitude of bands that have reinterpreted their concept of transcendent, intense rock with edges, and have achieved a significant audience success. Among those groups it could be acclaimed band Vestusta Morla. In difficult times, Standstill took risks in everything: their lyrics, their melodies and their live performances, at a time when our country’s music industry itself marked thick walls between commercial or popular music and independent or underground music. After the falling of that wall, perhaps because Standstill cracked it, the audience appeared to dissolve many of the prejudices from an industry that they managed to change.

We are really lucky to be able to enjoy again songs like “Adelante Bonaparte”, “¿Por qué me llamas a estas horas?”, “Cuando”, “Canción sin fin”, “1,2,3 Sol”, “Que nos acabe el día”, among others, because they are anthems that have been silenced for too long. But don’t worry, in 2024 they will finally be back to make us travel into their universe again.