Rigoberta Bandini

May 19, 2022


Rigoberta Bandin concierto Madrid Tomavistas Festival 2022

Rigoberta Bandini Concert Tomavistas

Rigoberta Bandini, also known as “the artist of the moment”, will play at Tomavistas 2022 an exclusive concert in Madrid. A gig in which we will not only enjoy her hymns, but also her new songs.

Without any doubt, 2020 was a unique and different year for all of us. A year in which our lives suddenly changed and Paula Ribó knows it very well. This Catalan writer, director and actress did not know everything that awaited her in 2020. A new normal was waiting for her and had nothing to do with what was talked about on the news at that time. Just a few days before the world completely changed, our protagonist laid down the first brick of her meteoric career with her first song called “Too Many Drugs”. Paula Ribó did not know everything that would come next. Rigoberta Bandini was born.

After that first song, the next ones came in and the name of Rigoberta Bandini began to be heard louder and louder. The streams on the main platforms did not stop rising as the Rigoberta phenomenon grew bigger and bigger. The formula of it? A music made without complexes, with influences from Rocío Jurado to Daft Punk through Jeanette or Gigi D’Agostini, and created, in her own words, “to celebrate life and to find a point of communion between all of us”.

Undoubtedly, that point of communion has been found and the proof of it are all the sold out shows she played last summer, her first on tour. A real success that has taken her to appear on the big screens of Times Square in New York as a part of a worldwide Spotify campaign for the equality and visibility of women in the music industry.

If all of this has happened in just a year and a half, it is normal to ask “what will come next?” For our part, we can answer that what is coming is an exclusive concert in Madrid where we will enjoy all her well-known songs, and those that she will release in the coming months, in the return of Tomavistas to its natural essence. In other words, a concert where there will be much to celebrate.

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