May 19-21, 2022


“Is this a male or a female voice?”, “Is it a man or a woman?” “Who is s/he?” These kind of questions followed RHYE’s first steps on the Internet when the first songs of this music project were released. Michael Milosh knew very well how to play his cards to present himself to the world. With ambiguous imagery, sophisticatedly sensual music videos, and a distinctive voice, he gained the attention of international critics, from Pitchfork to The Guardian to The New York Times, who acclaimed his first album “Woman”, released in 2013.

Gifted songwriting, breathtaking vocals and deft instrumental arrangements combine to create an intoxicating blend of R&B influenced, deeply emotive music making this first album a staple for provoking intimate moments. Since the release of “Woman”, RHYE has relentlessly toured to establish a devoted global fanbase. Transforming what was once a studio project, the music has been elevated by a cast of accomplished multi-instrumentalists enrapturing crowds worldwide, from Coachella to Primavera Sound.

RHYE’s second album “Blood” was released in February 2018 and was hailed as “reserved, understated, and brilliant” by NPR Music, “soul pop that hits all the high notes” by Wall Street Journal, and “a triumph” by NME. One year later, a new piano focused project titled “Spirit” arrived in May 2019 celebrating the subtle magic of gentle moments featuring collaborations with artists like Ólafur Arnalds and Dan Wilson.

In 2021 RHYE has entered a new era with the release of “Home”. The record is focused on an idea that all of us had to face last year: can creativity be found at home? For Michael Milosh, the answer is yes and now he presents a new work focused on the idea of home as a nexus for creativity. This personal way to understand and create music has made him to gain again critical acclaim from Billboard, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and GQ, among others. In 2022 his home is Tomavistas where he will present his new album in his only appearance in festivals in Spain. It is time for you to experience what RHYE can make you feel when you listen to him.

They will also be at Festival Tomavistas 2022



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