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Hofe x 4:40

June 24 2023


Concierto Brava Tomavistas 2023

The Hofe 4:40 Tomavistas Concert

Hofe x 4:40 will be at Tomavistas in collaboration with Jägermusic presenting their latest work exclusively in Madrid.

HOFE & 4:40 is the name of the project made up of singer Igotz Mendez (Hofe) and producers Xabier Lafuente and Marcos Galech (4:40). Despite the fact that the consolidated musical union between these three young people is relatively recent, the trio has been making noise on the Iruña scene for more than five years. Previously they were dedicated to other music projects as their previous collective Nibbass, with which they achieved great renown in the underground scene of Euskal Herria.

Now, with the label Oso Polita, and joining the wave of new talents from the label’s roster, HOFE & 4:40 present their first mixtape, “AMODIOA”, composed of seven songs. A work where electronics works as the common thread between the different tracks, merging in each song with genres ranging from pop to techno, from trap to new wave. Pieces that united in a natural way build a concept: that of capturing the ideas, feelings and experiences of a generation moved by restlessness and the desire to create. “AMODIOA’” gathers influences, references, and different genres that united by electronic music form a sound and a visual image that differentiate HOFE x 4:40 due to its innovation and originality

They will also be at Tomavistas Festival 2023…

Full lineup