Full lineup

Dry Cleaning

24, 25 May, 2024


Concierto Dry Cleaning Madrid Tomavistas 2024

Dry Cleaning concert 

Dry Cleaning visit Madrid for the first time in their career. They will celebrate the reissue of their first two EPs and will offer to us all the unclassifiable art they have in their only concert in Spain in 2024.

We are talking about one of the most original British bands with the greatest impact in recent years in their country. The tag of “post-punk band” is too small for them, although it is not that bad to use it to begin to place them in the spectrum of new bands in their country. But as they explain, their nuanced influences from bands like Pavement, The Field Mice, Kim Gordon, Guide By Voices or ESG make it more difficult to understand their dimension while valuing and enjoying it to an even more transcendent extent.

The band was born in south London in 2017 and is formed by Florence Shaw, Lewis Maynard, Tom Dowsw, and Nick Buxton. They first published two EPS that will be reissued under 4AD in 2024: the joyful “Sweet Princess” and “Boundary Road Snacks and Drinks”, both published in 2019. In 2021 they gave the next step with their first album “New Long Leg” and after it they reached their peak of their career so far in 2022 with “Stumpwork”, their second album. Both works were produced by John Parish, Pj Harvey’s regular producer. Their insatiable journey ends in 2023 with another EP titled “Swampy.”

While they are deciding what the next step in their career will be, during 2024 they will play just a few concerts, and this is when the paths of Tomavistas and Dry Cleaning meet. The perfect occasion to present in Madrid this band that turns the experimentation, fusion, rage, and narrated consciousness that are in their DNA, into a disturbing, totally enjoyable and hypnotic point.