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24, 25 May, 2024
concierto baiuca Madrid

Baiuca concert

Baiuca will be performing at Tomavistas as his only appearance in Madrid presenting his third album that will be published at the beginning of 2024.

Baiuca is the project of Alejandro Guillán Castaño. A project already labeled as “folktronic,” a tag used not only with his music, but also worldwide to all those projects that mix electronics and folk music with roots in the culture from where they are inspired. In the case of Baiuca, it is his homeland, Galicia. His mix of traditional Galician rhythms and avant-garde electronics with a pop structure, reinvents the codes of Galician music through a current, but also futuristic, prism.

Baiuca’s success is quite notable, especially in Madrid where he has already sold out many of his shows both at festivals and venues. Beyond that, he has also achieved recognition all over our country and even in Paris or Latin America. So, we are facing a key moment for this new edition of Tomavistas: a new live show that will be bigger than what he has done so far.

Regarding his career, apart from different singles, he has already released two albums: “Solpor” (2018) and “Embruxo” (2021), in which he has included significant collaborations with Rodrigo Cuevas and Lilaina. This latest album is the one that has taken him on a journey of transcendence and unstoppable recognition, winning two Independent Music Awards (MIN) in 2022: one for Best Electronic Music Recording and another for Best Album in Galician.